from-lake-downtown-albert-leaWelcome to the Albert Lea Area Website Index.  This site holds categorized lists of websites in the Albert Lea area.  A locally edited repository, the Albert Lea Website Index, makes finding organizations and businesses on the world wide web measurably more easy, especially if one is wanting to see a categorized list and doesn’t have a specific business or organization in mind.  If you’re looking for a church, for example, this is a good place to start.  Look at the page marked “Churches”.

A few of the other general categories include “Realty,” “Restaurants,” “Parks & Recreation.” Also, some of the pages like “Business” are rather broad in their scope. Over time I may switch out many of the sections on that page so that they each get their own pages. Like I said, work in progress.

Here are a couple key websites to get you started:

If you have a website you’d like to see listed here please submit your suggestion using
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Also, check out the “Featured Sites” page. Every so often I’ll feature a site from the Albert Lea area and explain what I like about it from a design and usability standpoint.